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Membership of this club is open to all who wish to shoot, subject to their satisfying the Home Office rules on their having possession of firearms and ammunition.

Primarily a free association of target shooters, membership includes seasoned practitioners of virtually every shooting discipline and pursuit available in the UK.

We welcome both established shooters, those looking for a primary reporting Club and those who wish to take up the Sport in its many forms and are seeking expert one to one tuition as a step to obtaining their own Fire Arms Certificate (FAC).

New shooters can experience and try: small bore rifle, gallery rifle, air rifle, full bore rifle, and muzzle loading pistol, revolver, rifle and musket. Following their six month probation and the granting of their FAC’s, they can progress to take part in local, regional and national competitions if they so wish.

The Club is a long time affiliate of the NRA.


The Club is also home to competitors, collectors and occasional users of antique historic and obsolete rifles, lever action rifles, carbines, muskets, double rifles, shotguns, paradox guns and muzzle loading pistols and revolvers using both smokeless powders and black powder.


Once they are the possessor of an FAC with the relevant endorsements, members may also try and experience section 1 firearms such as the long pistol.


Our 25 yd range, which is subject to regular maintenance, dates from WWII and is an ideal venue for gallery shooting and pistols. Currently full bore rifles are required to use reduced loads to meet range limits.


The Range is normally available for shooting weekdays and weekends during the day, by appointment. 

The first Sunday in each month is usually designated a Club and Guest day so that non members, who do not have a FAC may legally shoot.


The club has no paid officials or employees and relies entirely on the generosity of members, who give of their time and skills to ensure its compliance with regulatory requirements, maintenance and administration.

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